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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  December 28, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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why? >> i feel like i want to wait until i'm married to share that level of intimacy with my mate. [ applause ] >> and your concerns about that? >> i come from that kind of family, so i understand that. even though that's not exactly the way that i've lived. >> and if things don't shape up you can whip her. >> all right. curtis, is this baggage something you can handle? ♪ >> deborah, i accept your baggage. >> whoa! congratulations. curtis and deborah, roma beach we'll see you next time. nicely done. congratulations. >> i'm really glad that you were able to accept my baggage.
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that's huge and major for me. >> you're going to have to i guess work that out. >> yeah. >> it's been a long time.
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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. a high speed chase in oakland kills an innocent victim and injuries several hours. i'm eric thomas, in for kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. a car took off and crashed into a car at 98th and stanley in oakland. >> reporter: we just got the name of the driver of that bmw. he is 34-year-old saint dewan moore he's in custody, he will be facing serious charges for hitting a lincoln that had five inside, one person was killed.
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chp officers say the driver of this bmw stopped when they pulled him over. as they walked up to his car, he took off and caused a fatal car accident. they don't know why. >> does not appear to be that the bmw was stolen. we are still trying to determine the driver of the bmw fled the scene. >> reporter: he crashed into a lincoln carrying five people. a woman in her 20s was killed. two others were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. >> they were minding their own business and unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time, as bet we can tell there was no criminal activity involve -- as best we can tell there was no criminal activity involved in their behave. >> reporter: as they tried to turn left on to 580 the bmw was driving north and hit the lincoln. this wasn't a high speed chase it didn't last long enough. >> it took place in a minute's time span officers first
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contact 11:20 they came over the crest of the hill and saw the collision at 11:21. this drier got out of sight of the officers as -- this driver got out of sight of the officers as they were traveling up the hill they saw the results of the collision. >> reporter: they will be doing toxicology tests to see9ç if the driver was under the of anything and see if he was wanted for anything. they are trying to figure out why he ran. his passenger also ran. they are looking for him. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.kju oakland police have released new details about two other deadly incidents overnight. two men were killed in a shooting on meade avenue in west oakland after 1:00 this morning. no arrests or motive. an hour and a half later a woman died after being stabbed in an apartment on walnut street in east oakland a man was taken in for questioning. a man shot in the parking
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lot of the pittsburg bay point bart station is in critical condition. sky 7 hd was overhead 11 last night an 18-year-old was shot several times and taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. no suspects. now to something that doesn't happen often in california. a tornado has touched down in watsonville. look at the damage, crews are cleaning up from the mess left from the tornado that touched down saturday it ripped the roof off several large greenhouses at a nursery. that nursery is a quarter mile from the coast. scrambling to save hundreds and hundreds of plants. mike has been following>3jlu the path of the tornado and he's following the next storm headed right now to the bay area. right now you can see green, healthier returns
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showing up in the east bay valley, stretching towards the shore stopping short of the south bay all evaporating before it reaches the ground. even farther north up around benicia towards fairfield, vacaville, pulling away from american canyon and napa, all evaporating. sprinkle is all we are dealing with now. into the next couple of hours sprinkles, light rain tonight snow level 3,000 feet with this storm. with the past storm that tornado was a waterspout it came ashore near watsonville, the path was about a mile long, winds of around 75 miles per hour, damaged several greenhouses and a few trees were uprooted they found debris in some of the power poles and trees around there. very weak tornado, but very rare occurrence for us. j same is going to happen out of this system. i'll have more in just a
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minute. state senator hill of san mateo is going to introduce bail to require repeat drunk drivers to blow into -- into a breathalyzer before they hit the road even if they are sober. he just wrapped up a news conference to announce that legislation. it would require ignition interlock devices on vehicles after a second dui conviction. the device requires a breath sample before the engine can start. >> we've tried increasing fines. we've tried to revoke licenses to deter those chronic offenders. we need to do more to save lives. >> right now it is up to the courts to decide whether a driver has to have one of those devices installed in their cars. expect to see more officers on bay area streets this weekend. tonight through new year's eve, the chp and other law enforcement agencies are cracking down on drunk drivers, setting up checkpoints in the north bay, south bay and peninsula, starting 6:00
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tonight through new year's day. a fry ride on muni today to celebrate the -- a free ride on muni today to celebrate the 100th birthday. terry mcsweeney is live at the west postal station. >> reporter: no unnecessary love, let's call it, for muni on is 100th birthday. riders are saying what muni needs to do, as we go forward is get it together, start running its trains on time. good news is muni's birthday wish for itself is the same thing. hop on a muni train or bus or cable car and it won't cost anything. happy birthday from muni, a system some love. >> i've been a lot of places i think muni is one of the greatest transportation lines. >> reporter: a system some don't love even on this special day.
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>> get serious about getting me places on time >> not good. really unreliable. i think, my opinion, you know, it is rare that it is ever on time. >> i agree with him. >> reporter: that comes from ed, a sometimes frustrated rider himself. down the road, track, much better second hundred years. >> mta board this past year approved a significant investment in the maintenance, buying new buses overhauling light rail vehicles, hiring more mechanics, more operators. i think that we'll start seeing an improvement in the on-time performance. >> reporter: that would be welcome news from the 700,000 weekday riders. for some, the old gal isn't
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too bad as is. >> most of the time everything works well i'm happy it is continuing to work. terry i gotta get this. >> reporter: he made the train and the train was on time. we look at present and future of muni. >> if you want to look at the past go to click on see it on tv. they've got old pictures going back 100 years if you want to see where this whole system started. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. just ahead, the president and congress gear up for last ditch talks to avoid the fiscal cliff. a look at what could happen if there is no deal. >> shocking crime on a new york subway police look for a woman caught on video [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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talks to avoid the fiscal cliff are moving into the oval office at the white house today, no sign that president obama and congressional leaders are closer to a deal. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with a look at what missing the deadline could mean. >> reporter: the deadline is monday. just the prospect of missing it is causing problems for the economy. president obama has invited senate and house leaders to the white house this afternoon for last ditch negotiation. the house is holding an unusual session sunday. technical little, there's still time to strike a deal, but what if they don't?
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comedies 31st, more than 500 billion dollars in -- in tax increases and more than 100 billion dollars in government spending cuts are set to take effect. what happens january 1st, is less than certain. if congress and the president miss the deadline investors could panic sending the shakey stock market into a downward spiral. businesses and consumers could lose confidence and cutback on spending. a recession would not be immediate as long as all parties are working on a deal taxes and cuts could be kept at bay for a few weeks and repealed retroactively. if they never agree taxes would go up $2400 for families. americans would feel cuts to government services and an estimated 3 boy 4 million jobs would be -- 3.4 million jobs would be lost. while the political blame game continues. >> we are here in washington, working.
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while the members of house of representatives are out watching movies and watching their kids play soccer and basketball and doing all kinds of things. they should be here. >> i toe the president we'll be happy to look at whatever he proposes. but the truth is we are coming up against a hard deadline and as i said this is a conversation we should have had mnt ago. >> reporter: if you are looking for a better idea of how going over the fiscal cliff will affect you. check out this from the tax policy center, fill in your information and it will show you how your taxes could change. we've linked this calculator to click on see it on tv. katie marzullo, abc7 news. new york city police are looking for a woman who killed
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a man by pushing him into the path of an oncoming subway train last night. this shows the woman moments after the man was killed in queens. witnesses say the woman got up from a bench and shoved the man on to the tracks, the second time in a month somebody has killed a subway patron by pushing them into the path of a train. mike is straight ahead with our forecast i am >> within more storm then a break -- one more storm then a break from the wet weather. clouds getting thicker. we'll look at live doppler and show you where the rain is and when it will get to your neighborhood. russian president vladimir putin signs a new bill that affects many u.s. parents hoping to adopt. the college student who got a restraining order
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russia's president has made it official, it is now illegal for americans to adopt children from russia. vladimir putin signed the bill banning the adoptions earlier this morning. the law also stops dozens of adoptions currently underway. americans have adopted more than 60,000 russian children. the ban is believed to be in retaliation for a u.s. law that calls for sanctions
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against russian officials who violate human rights. now explosive family feud. 21-year-old music theater major has filed a restraining order against her parents for stalking her. automobile bring ireland says she took legal -- legal action against her parents after realizing they installed monitoring software on her computer and phone she said it made her feel like a dog with a collar. >> mom has always been overly involved and i would have to get on skype all the time and show them i was in my dorm room there were nights i had to leave myscape on all night and my mom would watch me sleep. >> she claims her parents have been diagnosed with co-dependency disorder. they say their daughter is a good actor catered to all her life. china has passed a new law requiring peep to visit their parents. the new -- requiring people to
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visit their parents often or risk being sued it doesn't specify how frequently there should be such visits they say it is aimed at helping seniors who feel -- who feel neglected by their kids. >> we'll move on. mike is here. we are going to talk about wet weather, we are going to talk about how it will not create what we are seeing here, this is part of a scenic hiking trail that connects baker beach with the golden gate bridge closed due to erosion park self has blocked after off the section of the trail that runs along side lincoln boulevard north of the pacific overlook in san francisco, signs are posted to warn hikers and bikers to take cult knits while engineers work on a repair -- to take alternates, while engineers work on repair.q we wanted to let you know that was happening before the weekend. here we look from -- yeah, we are looking from vollmer peak
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in the east bay hills camera looking off towards the northwest from sutro towards mount diablo clouds low, not low enough to be touching diablo once they get that low the rain will start falling. wanted to go back to this picture this is watsonville, the storm track wanted show you, this is where the waterspout came ashore, across the crops then hit some of the greenhouses there and keep traveling to san antonio dry yas road, only -- and andre yes, sir road, enough to create damage from that 75 mile per hour wind. that's the path of the tornado. let's take about what is going on now.rh- you can see the first wave of wet weather, it did fall from the sky, just evaporated before it reached the ground, moistening the air, getting ready for the next batch, with which is here the low
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developing we talked about how this would be a tricky forecast because the low going to develop as the storm came into contact with the bay area this is all coming our way later this afternoon and tonight many the evaporation of the water in the air has kept things cool, barely 40 in fairfield, concord, antioch, livermore to 50 half moon bay you are the exception, just about everybody is in the low to mid 40s now same around monterey bay and land except monterey itself 49. -- sprinkles after that cool start this morning, saw frost inland valleys light rain during the afternoon, evening and overnight sure then move out for saturday evening and that will open us up to high pressure and dry weather for sunday, monday and tuesday. we get three days this time, instead of one. here the area of low pressure, still north and still developing. with that in mind, let's watch its progression noon friday, nothing going on just virga,
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the rain evaporating before it reaches the ground. 5:00 once the sun sets temperature and dew point comes close together saturating the air easier for the rain to reach the ground that's what we are going to see during the evening have an umbrella handy, we'll see some of this light rain it could be moderate at times, closer to the coast, by midnight, starting to get heavy in the santa cruz mountains, back across the bay area until 5:00 in the morning then more showery then goes away by noon. then the heating of the day develops saturday that will spark showers at higher elevations to the south, saturday night it's gone. rainfall, not much inland. a 10th to quart of an inch quarter to half inch bay quarter to 3/4 of an inch along the coast into san francisco sierra a chance of snow showers tomorrow up in
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tahoe accumulation will be minor, if any. shouldn't cause any travel delays safe travels if you are heading up that way enjoy the powder that has already fallen. sunday through tuesday dry. wednesday, thursday wet weather back. still ahead, mike's going to be back with friday's
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coming up at 3:00 on katie,
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judge judy. then at 4:00, new fbi files on marlin money rower found. -- marilyn monroe are found. and 5 murals that take months to make are destroyed in seconds. happier news. time for perfect pet. >> mike is here with a new friend. we are here with nene. nice to see you. >> happy holidays you. >> tell me about this bundle of fun. >> she is adorable. 5-year-old mintin, she a charmer, just one of our favorites she knows sit and down and gives you the high-five. she likes treats but she is on a diet she ready for adoption she wants to go home. we are still in the holiday mood at the shelter and we have a lot of after christmas
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specials we have a lot of cats and kittens. we have a name your fee for the cats and kittens, anything they want to donate. a no fee for chihuahuas or chihuahua mixes. we had good amount of adoptions over the holidays but there's still more we want home force them all for the new year. >> nene is five, okay with other dogs? >> excellent with other dogs. with small children, she is fine with kids, small children can get hurt we prefer somebody over 10. she is good with everyone, other dogs, she has been kenneled. she sees herself. >> it always funny when that happens. >> who is that? >> thanks, nice seeing you. >> thank you and happy


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